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An open house

Yeovil Vets | Your pet at our vets

On Sunday the 19th November, we opened our doors to you, allowing pet owners to take a guided tour of our new Yeovil surgery, seeing behind the scenes and experiencing a day in the life of their pet at our vets.

I think it’s fair to say the day was a huge success. We saw plenty of people and their pets, many familiar and also some new faces. Our Nurses had put together demonstrations in the laboratory showing what we can test in house from blood to parasites. They also displayed our digital x-ray machines and provided talks on dentistry. One of our Vets discussed how anaesthesia and surgery works in our practice for your pets and I presented an ultrasound demonstration on a little cavalier named Wilbur with heart disease. This allowed me to show the problems Wilbur has, how we diagnosed him and what medications we have used to successfully stabilize him. I have scanned him many times before and he just falls asleep every time. The question every group asked was “is he asleep or have you sedated him?” My 4yr old son even asked if he was still alive!

We diagnosed Wilbur as having Preclinical Mitral Valve Disease, meaning he has a leaky valve causing his heart to enlarge but he has yet to show signs of heart disease. A recent study called the EPIC trial showed that by diagnosing these dogs and starting them on certain medications, could delay the onset of heart failure by on average 14 months; a long time in any dogs life. Wilbur has been stable on medication for nearly two years and continues to do well.

We can do a similar ultrasound assessment of large breed dogs with Preclinical Dilated Cardiomyopathy again diagnosing them before they develop clinical signs of heart disease. More information on these studies and illnesses is available in the blog section of our website where there are many articles which have been written by both myself and Mark over the years.

At our Open Day complimentary teas, coffees and cakes were provided courtesy of The Little Box of Delights Mobile Catering. These proved very popular!

We’d like to thank everyone that attended and appreciate the warm feedback and many thank you cards we received. If you missed our open day and would like to see behind the scenes, please don’t hesitate to ask and we can make arrangements. I suppose now though, we need to start planning our next event!

Many of you will read this article either just before or just after Christmas in which case I would like to wish you all and your pets on behalf of Newton-Clarke Veterinary Surgeons, a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.



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