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Nov 2017
Yeovil Vets | Winter

The dark days and long nights have begun and so many of you will be walking dogs by torchlight. Reflective collars and vests are really useful to keep track of dogs off the lead. Cats all want to be out in the dark but they get dazzled by car headlights so badly that it disorientates them, making them vulnerable to collisions. ...

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Vets Yeovil | Autumn Dog Dangers

Autumnal dangers

Many consider Autumn to be the perfect time to own a dog. The weather is neither too hot or cold and ideal for outdoor pursuits such as dog walking. The crisp clear days are...

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Pet Travel | Vets Yeovil

Times are changing

There is evidence the numbers of ticks affecting dogs and people is increasing and this is likely due to increased travel abroad and climate change. Few would disagree given the weather we’ve had in...

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