Covid-19 Guidelines September 2020

COVID-19 Guidance

**Correct and updated as of 16/09/2020**

As of 08/08/2020 it is mandatory, as stated by the UK Government, for all members of the public to wear a face-mask in veterinary settings, unless unable to.

Covid-19 update on urgent, emergency and routine procedures at our clinics.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everybody who has co-operated and followed our guidelines in these challenging times. Our primary concern is for the health of our teams and the wider population whilst maintaining your pets care and the standards you have come to expect of us.

COVID-19 Updated Services (Vaccinations and Neutering)

I hope this continues to find you well in these difficult times. We appreciate your co-operation in working with us at both surgeries and following our advice and guidelines to keep everyone safe. We acknowledge that the way we are working is very different to what you are used to but this is also a much changed world we are currently living in.

We appear to be moving into a period of relative stability over the next couple of months with the government starting to relax lockdown measures. We now have the majority of our team back in work, albeit split into smaller teams on a rotational basis, but we are now in a position to begin to offer some of the services that have previously been put on hold.

Firstly, we are still asking pet owners to let us know when they have arrived at the surgery and to wait in the car parks for the vet or nurse to attend to you. Although this may appear impersonal, the benefits still outweigh the risks posed but please ensure cats and dogs are provided to us in a safe and secure manner.

Vaccinations: We are now in a position to carry out routine vaccinations in both dogs and cats. Any pets more than 3 months overdue will need to restart their vaccinations with a primary course. Delays due to Covid-19 can be restarted on an Amnesty Scheme for the price of a normal annual booster. Demand will be high so we may have to prioritise the more urgent pets.

Neutering: We will start routine neutering once again. Demand will be high and we need to prioritise females over males and then female cats over dogs due to their free roaming nature and the risk of pregnancy in both female groups. We will be providing a designated neutering clinic on a Saturday morning to try and fulfil any backlog.

Prepayment for both vaccinations and neutering will be requested in advance to try and minimise the time you spend at the surgery again reducing risks of Covid-19 to both you and our team.

Please continue to work with us so we can continue treating your pets in a safe manner and feel free to contact us to discuss your individual pet’s needs. We appreciate your support in these troubling times and wish everyone and their pets the best of health.

Once again, we appreciate your co-operation in these difficult times. Your support is helping to keep both your pets and us healthy, together.


If you would like to read more on the guidelines we are adhering to as set out by our regulatory board, BVA, then feel free to click HERE for the current advice to veterinary professionals. 


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