Covid-19 Guidelines 13.05.20

COVID-19 Guidance

**Correct and updated as of 13/05/2020**

Covid-19 update on urgent, emergency and routine procedures at our clinics.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everybody who has co-operated and followed our guidelines in these challenging times. Our primary concern is for the health of our teams and the wider population whilst maintaining your pets care and the standards you have come to expect of us. Please continue to be patient as we have often been trying to do this with only a 1/3rd of the workforce!

  • As always we will continue to see urgent and emergency cases at the surgeries but please telephone in advance and on arrival. We are still operating a closed door policy and cannot yet allow pet owners into the building.
  • In the first stages of lockdown we were delaying any procedures or investigations that could wait 2-3 weeks. However, given the extended period of time we will be living with restrictions and social distancing, we now have to consider procedures that will impact on pets welfare if not carried out sooner rather than later. Please contact the surgery to discuss any concerns you have regarding procedures that have been delayed or have recently arisen. We are here to help and do not want your pets illnesses to go untreated, despite restrictions.
  • We are carrying out primary puppy vaccinations. Our preference is to start these at 10 weeks old with the second vaccination 4 weeks later. A first vaccination at 10 weeks allows socialisation at 11 weeks but please note Leptospirosis protection will not be until 3 weeks after your pets 2nd
  • We are carrying out primary kitten vaccinations but these are to be delayed until 12 weeks old and the 2nd vaccination 4 weeks later
  • First year annual boosters will be carried out in both dogs and cats that go outside.
  • Adult dog Leptospirosis vaccinations will be carried out but can be delayed up to 2 months to help manage our workload. This will not result in any break in protection for your pet.
  • We are not currently carrying out adult cat vaccinations but this guidance will change.
  • We are vaccinating rabbits against both Myxomatosis and VHD due to the disease risk in unvaccinated pets.
  • We are continuing to send booster reminders on their annual due date to keep you informed and aware.
  • Neutering is to be carried out on a case by case basis. For example, if you have un-neutered pets in a mixed sex household or cats that need to go outside. We do not want unwanted pregnancies occurring as this is both a welfare risk and potentially creates extra unnecessary veterinary intervention.

Please take note of these guidelines but feel free to discuss your individual pets requirements especially if you feel your pets are at higher risk.

Once again, we appreciate your co-operation in these difficult times. Your support is helping to keep both your pets and us healthy, together.

If you would like to read more on the guidelines we are adhering to as set out by our regulatory board, BVA, then feel free to click HERE for the current advice to veterinary professionals. 


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