Covid-19 Guidelines 30.03.20

COVID-19 Guidance

**Correct and updated as of 30/03/2020**

Dear Clients,

With travel restrictions being imposed on everyone in an effort to reduce Covid-19 transmission, we are taking further measures at our veterinary clinics to minimise contact between us. We ask for your patience and understanding as our staff continue to work so that we can provide urgent and emergency care for your pets. Until the Government gives notice, the following protocols will be observed at Swan House and Preston Road;

1.      Clients will not be permitted to enter the building. All payments will be made by card, over the phone when ordering medications or food or when booking telephone or video consultations.

2.      Telephone consultations may be booked by phoning the clinic in the usual way. These will be conducted by the attending vet and charged at half the price of a normal face-face consultation. We are able to prescribe some medications on the strength of the telephone call.

3.      Video consultations will be available through PetsApp. We are sending out invitations to all clients with a simple internet link that will deliver PetsApp directly to you. We can also manually add your details at the clinic and the link will be sent to you. Video consultations will be charged at normal consultation rates.

4.      A qualified veterinary nurse will be available to offer triage advice, eg whether a telephone or video consult is necessary. Advice from nurses will be free of charge.

5.      Personal collection of items from the clinics will adhere to the rules for social distancing of 2m. Collection areas will be clearly signposted where you can pick up your ordered items. You will need to make staff aware when you arrive by phoning us so that your items can be deposited in the collection area. If there is a queue, please keep at least 2m apart. Check the label on the bag to ensure you have the correct one.

6.      Non-urgent medications such as flea, tick and worm treatments should be ordered and paid for in advance. Those clients on Pet Healthcare Plans will receive these automatically by post. Collection from the surgery will follow the rules in paragraph 2 above.

7.      We can only see urgent and emergency cases face-face at the clinic. Call for appointments as normal but when you arrive, stay outside and phone us. Cats must be safely confined in carriers, clearly labelled with the owner’s name, address and telephone number. Feline patients can then be left in the collection area for a staff member to take into the clinic for examination and treatment. The results of this will be discussed by phone and an appropriate course of action taken, ie dispensing of medication, hospitalisation etc. Your pet can be picked up after treatment from the collection area.

8.      Dogs needing urgent or emergency treatment at the clinic will be treated in a similar way to cats, depending on size and ability to walk. For dogs who are able to walk, we ask you to secure them in the collection area using the lead supplied and then close the outside door as you leave. A member of the veterinary team will take the patient when you have left and the same system as for cats will be followed.

9.      Dogs that cannot walk or that need help out of cars will be assisted by staff members wearing PPE. We ask owners to maintain safe distance while this is carried out. We fully appreciate you may want to stay with your pets at such an emotional time. However, in the present crisis situation this will not be possible if we are to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

10.   We will, of course, try to handle these situations as sensitively as possible, especially if euthanasia is called for. If circumstances permit, you will be able to stay with your dog after sedation but sadly the rest of the procedure will have to take place in the clinic without owners being present. We are truly sorry to enforce this rule and can only say we will treat your pet as if it was one of our own, with as much gentleness and compassion as possible.

11.   Home visits will only be undertaken under exceptional circumstances and if there are no other options. Whenever possible, your pet will be seen outside or in an unoccupied room and if treatment cannot be completed there, we can offer transport back to the surgery. Home visit and examination charges will remain unchanged and as for medications, we will ask for payment on booking. Charges for further treatment can be paid for by phone when owners are giving or being given updates on progress.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance during this time.

If you would like to read more on the guidelines we are adhering to as set out by our regulatory board, BVA, then feel free to click HERE for the current advice to veterinary professionals. 


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