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Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 Guidance

As of 08/08/2020 it is mandatory, as stated by the UK Government, for all members of the public to wear a face-mask in veterinary settings, unless unable to.

Updated 25/03/2021

COVID-19 updated services following the end of a 3rd National Lockdown.

I hope this continues to find you well in these difficult times. We appreciate your cooperation in working with us at both surgeries, following our advice and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

We acknowledge that the way we are working is very different to what you are used to but this is also a much changed world we are now living in. The challenges we all face are currently more serious than at any other point during this pandemic and further restrictions are required at our surgeries to keep you and our teams safe.

When the Current lockdown ends on the 29th of March, the Governments message moves from stay at home to stay local. Therefore, we will be resuming routine Vaccinations, procedures and Neutering.

Please note that we may still have to temporarily delay certain vaccinations and surgeries to fulfil a backlog and more urgent cases.

We would emphasise that video consultations are available and should be used to triage pets wherever possible and in those instances where you are isolating or shielding. If your pet needs to attend one of our surgeries following a video consultation, you will not be charged a further consultation fee.

We are asking pet owners to let us know when they have arrived at the surgery and to wait in the car parks for the vet or nurse to attend to you. Although this may appear impersonal, the benefits still outweigh the risks posed but please ensure cats and dogs are provided to us in a safe and secure manner.

We are asking all pet owners to wear masks when interacting with a member of our team, even if outdoors unless you have a medical exception.

Please try and attend the surgery with a mobile telephone. This allows you to let us know you have arrived and the vet or nurse to take a history, in private, prior to examining your pet.

Payment is still required at the time of treatment preferably either over the telephone or via Petsapp, which you can access via a smartphone. We are also requesting pre-payment at the time of booking routine procedures such as vaccinations or neutering, if at all possible.

To minimise non-essential travel to our surgeries, please consider using our safe and secure online home delivery service called OurVet.Shop. For more information, or to order, visit:

Here you can order flea, worm and tick treatments and ongoing medications you usually buy from us direct to your home.

Delivery is expected within 5-7 days from the point of payment and delivery charges start at £2.79.

Please continue to work with us so we can carry on treating your pets in a safe manner and feel free to contact us to discuss your individual pet’s needs. Your support is helping to keep both your pets and us healthy, together.

To see the guidance we are following, please visit:

Kind Regards,

Matt and the team



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