Eye Clinic returns to the Sherborne Country Fair

Sherbone Vet The Sherborne country fair

We are once again the Official Veterinarians for the Sherborne Country Fair on the 29th May. Following the huge popularity and success of last year’s eye clinic, we have once again arranged for Nick Burden to attend with us. Nick is a BVA appointed eye panelist and will be conducting eye examinations under the BVA screening programme for hereditary eye disease in dogs. It is run in conjunction with the Kennel Club (KC) and the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS).

The main purpose of the scheme is to ensure there is no evidence of hereditary eye diseases in dogs used for breeding. By screening these dogs hopefully we can prevent these diseases being passed on to future generations of puppies. There are 12 hereditary conditions covered by the scheme in over 50 breeds, many of which are untreatable so prevention really is the only cure. In general, the best age for eye testing is when a dog has reached one year old and thereafter on an annual basis. However, in some breeds, it is necessary to test them as young puppies (usually between six and twelve weeks of age) to detect diseases such as Collie Eye Anomaly.

Although the scheme records whether hereditary eye conditions are present or not, it also identifies any other abnormalities present in the eye or surrounding structures such as the eyelids, so it is a very comprehensive examination of your dog’s entire eye.

An eye examination lasts approximately 10 minutes and costs £35 per dog. You will need to arrive 20mins before your appointment to allow time for eye drops to be administered. Breeds which are predisposed to Glaucoma (a potentially blinding raised pressure inside the eye) are recommended to undergo a further test as part of their certification; this costs an additional £44 and lasts an extra 10 minutes. £3 from each test will be donated to the Country Fair Charity fund. All dogs must be microchipped to be screened and KC registered dogs must present their KC certificates to be added to the scheme and certified.

If you are considering breeding from your dog this is not only an essential part of pre-breeding screening but part of your responsibility to ensure the health of future generations. Even if your dog is past breeding age, eye examinations still play an important role in screening for inherited eye diseases presenting later in life and as a means of assessing eye and general health. Places are limited so please don’t hesitate to contact one of our surgeries for further information or to book a place.

In other very exciting news and by the time many of you read this, our New Yeovil Surgery on Preston Road will be completed. We hope to open our doors on Monday the 15th of May and look forward to welcoming both new and familiar faces through the doors together. Please visit our website for more details.


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