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It’s all about teamwork

Peter Luscombe | Yeovil Vet Surgeon

I have had the privilege of working with some great vets and nurses over my career. But what makes a great vet in practice? I believe any vet is only as good as the team they work with. I have the good fortune of becoming the focal point of all their good work, much of it behind the scenes.

Your journey through the practice starts with our receptionists and support team. Whether In person, by phone, email or through our messaging app. They efficiently and compassionately handle your enquiries and requests. They are key in prioritising your requirements, whether they are medicines requests, seeking an appointment or identifying emergencies. Additionally, they undertake a lot of the day-to-day administration of the practice and maintain a professional and welcoming presence at the front of house. They do not have the level of medical training of other members of our team but have a good knowledge and understanding of our clients, are caring pet owners themselves and can direct you to the most appropriate service.

Our qualified and trainee nurses are key to maintaining the practice in readiness for any situation and providing the care and support your pet needs when in the practice. Their role is often under-recognised as much of their work happens out of sight. As well as managing the hospital care of your pets and supporting them when they need investigations or surgery, they are also available to provide professional advice on animal care in sickness and in health.

Our team of vets, with a range of knowledge and experience all work together to benefit our patients. We discuss difficult cases and share ideas. With a range of special interests and attendance at courses we continue to support and motivate each other to help us all keep up to date.

Beyond this we co-ordinate with external specialists. Whether they are visiting clinicians to our practice or referral to specialist centres for advanced investigations and treatments. We also have a working relationship with external laboratories, who provide us with testing beyond the in-house laboratory work performed by our nurses. These relationships allow us to seek further specialist advice when needed.

But what about your pet? Well the other important member of their team is you the owner, acting as their voice to tell us about their problems and signs. You must do the talking and make decisions on their behalf. We depend on you to help us create a practical care plan for your pet. It is important that you communicate what is possible: Will your cat take tablets easily? Can you bath your 70kg St Bernard? Are there limits to the budget? What is your priority for your pet – a cure or managing pain and maintaining quality of life? Beyond this we rely on you to administer treatments, monitor progress and feedback to us.

So, with all the resources we can provide we value you as part of your pet’s team. Working together to provide the best personalised care possible.


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