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Puppy and kitten care

Puppy and kitten care

Springing into life

With spring on the horizon the gardens, fields and hedgerows are starting to show signs of new life. Trees and shrubs are breaking their winter dormancy and new lambs are dotted across the fields. It is also a time when new puppies and kittens start arriving at the surgery for their first visit. For pet owners this first visit is a potentially daunting trip but these first few visits are as much about educating new (and old) pet owners as much as examining and treating your new pets.

Whether your new pet is young or old, we are always happy to see them at the surgery for a free of charge check-up and consultation. This allows us to meet your new pets and introduce them to the surgery and staff. We will always give them a full clinical examination and discuss their needs for preventative medication or in the case of older animals’, potentially ongoing treatment. Most importantly this is also a time to alleviate some of your concerns, so please ask questions!

In the case of puppies and kittens, they will initially need vaccinations. Kittens generally need two vaccinations and puppies two or three vaccinations depending on their age. The other benefit of numerous trips to the vets means you can ask questions that either you forgot the first time or maybe your pet has developed problems since their first visit.

We will also check your pet for parasites such as fleas and worms. Puppies and kittens are especially prone to round worms which they pick up from their mothers during pregnancy and infancy. We will discuss your pets’ history and ensure they are not only treated but protected going forwards. We provide free parasite protection against fleas, worms, lice, mites and lungworm during your puppy or kittens primary vaccination course.

From the 6th April 2016, all dogs over 8 weeks of age must be microchipped. We recommend microchipping cats as well given their free roaming nature. We offer Slimline Microchips implanted by a Veterinary Surgeon or Nurse.

During this first trip to the vets we will also discuss diet, a critical part of your pets’ development and maintenance. We recommend Royal Canin and provide you with a voucher to claim your first bag of food free of charge. We also give all puppies and kittens under 12 months of age 1 month’s free insurance with Petplan. We recommend insurance as this often allows pets to receive both emergency and on-going medications or treatment that may otherwise prove cost prohibitive.

As you can see we feel these first few trips to the vets are essential and we’ll do our best to ensure a smooth arrival for your new pet into your household. We are always available to help and look forward to welcoming you and your new pets into the surgery.



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