Pet Health Plans for Dogs & Cats

Sherborne (01935 816228):

Weekday: 8:30am to 6:00pm | Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed

Yeovil (01935 474415):

Weekday: 8:30am to 6:00pm (open until 8pm Tuesday & Thursday) | Saturday: 9am to 2pm | Sunday: 9am to 12pm

We'd do anything for our pets, wouldn't we?

Whether it’s the fun of watching a young pup playfully exploring the world around them or the comfort of an old friend constantly by your side, the companionship our pets give us is priceless.

Your faithful friend can’t tell you when they’re feeling unwell and you can’t always see when there’s something wrong either

You want reassurance. A pet health plan can offer that reassurance and more. 

Reassurance that…

As a responsible pet owner, you’re making the right choices to give you and your pet a long and happy life together

Reassurance that…

Regular check-ups and early detection of any potential problems give the best chance of a positive outcome

Reassurance that…

If something doesn’t seem quite right you can see a vet at any time, just to be sure that it’s nothing too serious

Your membership provides the most comprehensive and cost effective way to give your pet everything they need to stay healthy

Dog health plan


£29.95 a month

Cat health plan


£19.95 a month

There is no joining fee, no annual renewal fee and your membership price is fixed for 12 months

What is VidiVet?


VidiVet is an exclusive benefit available to our Pet Health Plan members, giving that extra level of reassurance to pet owners when they need it most. We’ve partnered with VidiVet to provide expert out-of-hours video advice, ensuring you receive FREE, prompt, personalised service from a qualified vet when our practice is closed. 

VidiVet will help you:

> Decide if you need to see an in-person vet, if so

> When to go to an in-person vet

> Whether there is anything you can do at home and 

> What to expect at the vets if you have to go. 


How does VidiVet work?

Join our pet health plan.

You’ll then be sent our unique registration link. 

Follow the instructions and download the VidiVet App.

Available on both the Apple and Google Play store. 

Once signed in you can begin asking questions.

A vet will provide a personalised video response or message.

If you’re an existing Pet Health Plan Member and you haven’t yet received your unique registration link, please contact us.