Becoming A More Sustainable Veterinary Practice

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Work towards making change

We aim to work together not only as a practice but with our wider community to affect as much change as possible.

Change in not only the way we do things now but the way in which we intend to do things in the future.

This may mean some changes to the way we do things and in the way we provide medications and services but please do not only bare with us but join us in supporting our planet now and for generations to come.

What are we doing to make a difference?

Our progress in 2023...

This year we have made some big steps forward in our green credentials and have continued to make small changes, which have all contributed to a more sustainable way of working. 

The solar panels fitted in Yeovil have contributed to a large reduction in the amount of electricity we are using from non-sustainable sources, and staff training has helped focus attention on key issues such as antimicrobial resistance and the impact of inhalational anaesthetic agents on the environment. 

As we move forwards to 2024, which will see the opening of our new site in Sherborne we continue to look for ways to make our buildings and methods of work more sustainable and achieve our goal to improve our environmental performance.

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Evaluation of patient medication and treatments
  • Introduction of a tailored parasite control program, based on risk assessment of individual animals to prevent over-prescribing
  • Ongoing review of up-to-date recommendations and evidence-based medicine to reduce our use of antimicrobials and help prevent antimicrobial resistance development
  • Antibiotic awareness campaign completed to promote the return of unused medication for safe disposal
  • Staff training on the use of low-flow anaesthesia to reduce our use of inhalational anaesthetic, which is a powerful greenhouse gas
Helping wildlife and reducing waste streams
  • Planting of bee-friendly flowers in our Yeovil garden
  • Erection of a bee hotel to help local wildlife
  • Continued constant review of our waste streams to ensure that we recycle as much as possible
Butterfly sustainability
Otter sustainability
Moving towards paperless systems & reduced energy usage
  • LED lightbulb policy: replacement of exhausted bulbs with LED alternatives
  • Staff campaigns to encourage electrical items and lights to be switched off when not in use
  • Closer monitoring of resource use, to allow improvements to be tracked
  • Reduction in our use of paper by sending more client correspondence electronically
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After achieving our Bronze Accreditation Award from the Investors in the Environment in 2023,

we're working hard towards achieving our Silver Accreditation.

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Our goals and objectives

Sustainability objectives

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Our primary objectives have been set with the aim of achieving these goals by the end of 2023

  • Increased use of sustainable consumables

  • Ensure correct waste management

  • Increased use of paperless systems

  • Reduction of our use of volatile anaesthetic gases

We are also working on the following

  • Assess the environmental impact and carbon footprint across all aspects of our company
  • Work with suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of procured products
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Continue staff training and education
  • Work towards the Silver Accreditation for Investors in the Environment
We will continually review and refine our objectives in line with current recommendations and guidelines.
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