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Is It Worth Getting a Pet Health Plan?

To answer whether it’s worth investing in a pet health plan, it’s crucial to understand what these plans entail. A pet health plan covers various aspects of your dog, cat or rabbit’s preventative healthcare. For example, routine parasiticide treatment and vaccinations. It is not an insurance policy, which is a common misconception. Each health plan is different in terms of cost and what’s included. Full details of our plan can be found here: www.newtonclarkevet.com/our-plans/

Benefits of Pet Health Plans 

1. Predictable costs

One of the significant advantages is knowing your pet’s preventative care is covered through one monthly convenient payment. This allows you to budget effectively for your pet’s routine healthcare needs. Plus with our plan specifically, you benefit from:

  • No joining fee
  • Fixed costs for 12 months
  • Medication delivery, right to your front door!

2. Preventative care.

Pet health plans emphasise preventative care. This can help detect potential issues early on before they become serious (and expensive) problems. Our health plan, in particular, includes unlimited consultations. You will receive the expert advice of our team at no extra cost, should you notice something unusual. It can prevent something from developing into a more serious problem requiring potentially more extensive treatment through early detection.

3. Discounts on services.

Many pet health plans offer discounts on additional services. Our plans offer free home delivery of parasiticide treatments as well as advice on dental health, diet, behaviour and training. We also recently introduced complimentary out-of-hours access to VidiVet, a telehealth service offering app-based triage advice from vets, 24/7. This means you have access to a vet for personalised advice when you need it, at no extra cost. 

4. Peace of mind.

Knowing that you’re covering all of your pet’s healthcare needs gives you peace of mind. Our plan takes care of when their preventative care is due, including flea and worming treatment, and vaccinations.

Potential drawbacks

We always recommend our pet health plan to our clients, as it has been designed with you and your pets in mind. It is the most cost-effective and comprehensive way to ensure you take care of all your pet’s preventative care needs. While pet health plans offer numerous benefits, some also have a few potential drawbacks to consider. Consider each plan for its merit.

  • Not all services are covered. It’s essential to read the fine print and understand what’s included and what’s not, before signing up. Understand the difference between pet health plans and insurance – they’re not the same thing. 
  • Costs differ across each plan. While the predictable costs can be a benefit, for some pet owners who do not use all the aspects included in the plan, it may not be as financially viable for them. 

Is it worth getting a Pet Health Plan?

The answer to this question largely depends on your circumstances, your pet’s health needs, and your financial situation. If you are utilising a health plan primarily for preventative health aspects (vaccine, flea and worming), this will be more cost-effective over the space of a year, in comparison to ‘over the counter’ options. Similarly, if you have a breed that’s prone to specific health issues or if your pet is getting older and requires more frequent vet visits, a pet health plan could potentially save you money in the long run. For peace of mind that all your pet’s preventative care needs are covered, it could be the best option.

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